* “And WOW.  That is a Display and a half.  The stable has grown and some interesting work, like a mosaic when you look at the whole.” Gene Z.

* “Awesome! I just posted it on my Facebook site.” Melissa A.

* “I'm on my way out but had to take a quick look on my phone.  This is spectacular! I can't wait to view Kalage on my PC.  I love it!” Kathleen S.

* “Thank you a million for considering me for your website.
I love it.  It's beautiful and fun”. Johane A.

* “The site is wonderful, you've done a great job. I'll be sure to share the site with FB Friends.” Karin T.

* “...thank you. Kalage is a wonderful idea.” Bill J.

* “Kalage looks great!  It's wonderful to have a new way to reach collectors. I'm NOT a tech person but found Kalage really easy to use.  After seeing that a few of my images looked a bit dull when first displayed. I successfully deleted them, re-tweaked the images and re-uploaded them again.  The site is very user-friendly!” Karen W.

* “Wow... what a fantastic website!   Great idea for checking out art and artists!   This is beautifully done! Ciao,”  Ann K.

* "I received your email and this new site looks amazing!" Patricia N.

* "Very, very nice! " M. G.

* "Awsome!" K. O.

* "I have been looking at the artists at this site and there is a lot of good stuff. I am glad to be part of it." John E.

* “I received it and love it!” Ronda T. - referencing a Kalage supplied canvas art print.

*  “Got it thanks its wonderful!” Sheri H. - referencing a Kalage supplied canvas art print.

*  " Very cool idea. Nice cleanly designed page(s)" Bob T.

*  "I received my prints and they are beautiful." Karen H. - referencing 5 prints on paper.


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