The Process

Kalage provides a better way to find and follow artists and to buy paper, canvas and metal art prints.

  • The HOME PAGE features unabridged images of fine art from across the U.S. When you search by Category or by Miles and Zip Code, these fine art images are displayed that are located within the Category or the selected region.
  • You can view your selected art as a LIST by Artist.
  • Art EVENTS by zip code can also be viewed as a list.
  • Click on a thumbnail to view an ENLARGED image of the art.
  • Click on the enlarged image to view DETAILS about the art. You can share or “LIKE” art on this page. If you are registered, you can also interact with participating artists in the "COMMENTS" section.
  • Click on the artist’s name on the DETAIL PAGE for more information about the artist.
  • If you are registered, you can select the artist on the DETAIL page as one of your FAVORITES. You will be notified when they post new art or replace their existing art.
  • When you register, you receive your own Kalage page. Here’s where you can keep track of your favorite artists.
  • You may purchase fine art prints on paper, canvas or metal from Kalage and original fine art direct from the artist. If not completely satisfied, you may return a Kalage print within 10 days for a full refund. Shipping cost is not included.

There are 3 key Kalage pages: the HOME, DETAIL and FAVORITES pages. These pages provide a unique new way for you to find and follow artists in your area of interest and to purchase prints and paintings of Kalage artists.

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