Q: I'd like to send my friend information on one of your artists. How do I do that?

A: On the DETAIL page, click on the "Share" button. An email will open with the URL of this DETAIL page in the body of the email and the Subject filled in. Insert the email address of your friend and send.

Q: I have a Smartphone. What’s the best way to view your site?

A: Our APP is coming, but in the meantime, try this: Go to the Kalage HOME page and do your search. Then use the LIST ARTISTS button to create a vertical list of your search. The 4 images across are easier to expand and view on Smartphones.

Q: If I’ve already registered as a user, can I use the same registration information when I register as an artist?

A: No. You may use the same password but you must use a different username.

Q: How do I upgrade from a Standard account to Premium?

A: Email us at - upgrade@kalage.com - and we will guide you through the process: 

Q: How can I review a specific category of art across the US?

A: Use the pull-down menu to select your art category and then click on the "Go" button without selecting Miles or Zip.

Q: Can an artist be posted as part of a Group and also post separately for themselves?

A: Yes. An artist can be posted as part of a Group or Gallery and also as an individual artist.

 Q: I remember the 1st name "Carina" of a nearby artist I'm interested in but I can't find her on the DISPLAY page. What should I do?

A: Do a search using 25 miles from your Zip Code. Then select LIST ARTISTS and go down the artist's names until you find "Carina".

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