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OUR CONSUMER PRINT PROGRAM NOW ACTIVE. Artists will receive from 20% to 40% of the sale price based on whether they are Standard or Premium members and on the selected media - paper, canvas or metal. Premium members can also choose not to participate in our Print Program.

OUR ARTIST PRINT PROGRAM IS ALSO NOW ACTIVE. Members may order prints of their artwork at a discount. We will also drop ship prints of your artwork to your studio or direct to your customers. - Click here for more information


  • Introduce your art to new REGIONAL and NATIONAL audiences.
  • You will receive up to 25% of the sale price when your artworks are sold by Kalage (Paper - 20%/Canvas and Metal - 25%).
  • Display up to 3 artworks at no cost.
  • Your artworks are randomly displayed on the Kalage home page.
  • The “LIKE” system gives feedback on your artwork preferred by potential buyers.
  • The “FAVORITES” system provides an automatic process to relate to potential buyers. When you update your art, all your “favorite” users are notified.
  • Each artist has their own Kalage page where they can coordinate and update their art.
  • Kalage artists are promoted on our Facebook page.
  • Kalage advertises on Google AdWorks.
  • Kalage uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to achieve optimum search results.
  • Free participation in the Kalage ARTIST PRINT PROGRAM and save up to 25% on Kalage prints of your art for sale from your studio or we will drop ship your Kalage prints direct to your customer.
  • The Kalage STANDARD Level is always FREE.

PREMIUM LEVEL BENEFITS – All the Standard Level benefits plus:

  • You will receive  a greater percentage of the sales price than our STANDARD LEVEL - up to 40% of the sale price when your artworks are sold by Kalage (Paper - 30%/Canvas and Metal - 40%).
  • Display up to 8 artworks vs. 3 artworks for the STANDARD LEVEL.
  • The Kalage “COMMENT” system, exclusive to Premium artists, provides a platform for a direct, interactive relationship with potential buyers.
  • PREMIUM artists can enter EVENTS such as a Workshop, and Open House, a Sale or a Reception.
  • PREMIUM artists may participate in the PINTEREST PLACEMENT program. 
  • Free participation in the Kalage ARTIST PRINT PROGRAM and save up to 40% on prints of your art for sale at your studio or direct to your customer.
  • The PREMIUM Level cost is $25/year.


  • How to UPGRADE from the STANDARD Level to PREMIUM:
      • Login - using your username and password.
      • On your DASHBOARD page, select “YOUR IMAGES”.
      • Select the image you want to replace and click on DELETE. You must DELETE before you can replace.
      • On your DASHBOARD page, which automatically comes up, click on “Upload image”.
      • Fill in the details about the image the IMAGES page and select the image file from your computer. Then submit.
      • Select your image.
      • Click on the "BUY KALAGE PRINTS" button.
      • Select Paper, Canvas or Metal print choice.
      • Enter the size, price, name and email into the form.
      • Add this text into NOTES: "I am a registered artist".
      • We will confirm your information and send you a PayPal invoice.
      • Your print will be shipped to your provided location within 10 days to 2 weeks. If not completely satisfied, you may return the print within 10 days for a full refund. Shipping cost is not included.


  • Q: If I’ve already registered as a user, can I use the same registration information when I register as an artist?
  • A: No. You may use the same password but you must use a different username.

  • Q: Is my art work still protected when it is posted on Kalage?
  • A: Yes, you continue to retain the copyright to your art.

  • Q: Is my art displayed on Kalage suitable for making prints?
  • A: No. The displayed images are not suitable for Kalage quality prints. Artists must provide High Resolution images when prints are sold.


Our MISSION is to use marketing and technology to make Kalage a major player in the online art world.


Some of the key elements in our Plan are:

  • Enlist artists across the United States region by region.
  • Offer art buyers the Kalage Print Program on paper, canvas and metal. 
  • Use extensive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to make Kalage a highly ranked website.
  • Use Google Adwords and other online and printed media advertising to popularize Kalage as an important art source.
  • Continue to develop the Kalage website capabilities and extend our program to mobile devices.

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